Thursday, 29 November 2012

More Snapshots from My Phone

Another set of (long overdue) photos from my phone featuring some of favourite snaps of the last few months.

 ~ A chandelier made entirely from kitchenware spotted in Lakeland
~ Limited edition Coke bottle celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games
~ One of my favourite drinks, iced tea with lemon
~ A pretty fountain Sorrento, Italy
~ A hotdog and curly fries served by a retro 50s-style diner in Newcastle
~ The lounge at Manchester airport
~ The view from the hotel balcony in Sorrento
~ A Victorian tram at Beamish open air museum
~ Creative cappuccino foam
~ The Hunger Games trilogy
~ Inside The Centre for Life science museum
~ Finding out what a sunflower looks like up close
~ A cool curved display
~ Coca Cola lip smackers
~ Some of the birthday cards I received this year
~ Cute kissing bunnies greetings card
~ An ancient looking ‘stone’ window…actually made from fibreglass!
~ John Paul Gautier ‘Tattoo’ coke bottle
~ The amazing fountains at Alnwick Gardens, Northumberland
~ A delicious-looking cupcake tower

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