Sunday, 25 November 2012

Magazine Freebies Tried & Tested: Glamour Magazine and Nails Inc Polish

What? Nails Inc Motcomb Street Polish 10ml RRP £11.00
Free with? Glamour, December 2012
Magazine price?  £2.00

This month Glamour comes with yet another amazing freebie, a full-sized bottle of Nails Inc polish worth £11. Founded in 1999 by Thea Green, Nails Inc now have an impressive 58 concessions across the UK and serve an average of 10,000 customers per week. They boast a range of over 200 gorgeous shades of nail polish all named after famous London streets like Piccadilly, Baker Street and Notting Hill. I was first introduced to the brand several years ago by -yes, you’ve guessed it- Glamour magazine. This month the publication is giving away four more polishes, St. James (a vibrant candy apple red), Glamour Glitter (a sparkly gold glitter), Elizabeth Street (a delicate pale pink) and Motcomb Street (a rich dark blue).

As I have a subscription I didn’t get to choose the colour I got and I must admit I was a little disappointed when I opened the packet and Motcomb Street fell on my lap. My nails are usually long (not through choice but because they grow so fast that keeping them short means near-constant filing!) so I think dark shades can end up looking a little vampy on me. Although the polish looked very dark and flat in the bottle it actually had a pretty inky blue tinge when applied and dried to a stunning high-shine finish. Like all Nails Inc polishes the texture was neither too thick nor too thin and went on beautifully evenly. Although you could apply more than one coat for a more intense colour the shade in the picture was achieved with just one coat. The polish held up well, retaining its lustrous finish and didn’t chip for nearly a week. Although I’m still not sure Motcomb Street is the colour for me, it is incredibly striking and would be the perfect complement to a party outfit this season. If you want to try Motcomb Street you can purchase it from the Nails Inc website for £11.


  1. Lovely nail polish, it looks really good on your nails :) You should definitely try more dark colours x

  2. Thanks, while it's not a shade I ever would have picked myself I must admit I find the colour is really starting to grow on me!

  3. Awesome nail polish! I wish I had nails like yours!

  4. Aw thank you :) I tend to just file my nails into shape every couple of weeks and let then them grow if I'm honest, I'm very low-maintenance lol


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