Friday, 13 July 2012

Mine at Last: Modalu Bibi

I discovered Modalu a couple of years ago, this –a tan satchel style bag called the Bibi- was the very first bag I saw and I instantly fell in love with it. It had the mid-range price tag of £155, enough to qualify as an investment buy but not unreasonable considering the quality of the design and the butter-soft leather. I’d just splurged on a quilted Ri2k bag though so instead of snapping up the Bibi there and then, I told myself I should wait, it would probably be reduced in the sale, I could always buy it later. Just a couple of months after that Pippa Middleton was pictured carrying Modalu’s Bristol handbag (later renamed the Pippa in her honour) and the profile of the brand sky rocketed. Their most popular bags seemed to sell out in stores overnight and started appearing on ebay for up to twice their retail price. Since then I’ve been trying to track down a Bibi, although I’ve found them in black snakeskin, pink, blue, burgundy patent and even canvas, the tan leather completely eluded me. Until amazingly last week one popped up on ebay, still in brand new condition with its original dust bag, I jumped on it immediately. I bought it on Friday and by Tuesday morning it had arrived.

As soon as I opened the package I could tell the bag was just as nice as I’d remembered; the classic yet relaxed design, the beautiful light tan -officially called ‘oak’- leather and chic gold hardware. Inside it has one central compartment with a smaller zipped pocket inside and a divider for a mobile phone. On the back there’s a handy pocket that could be used to store small items like keys or change that you want easily accessible. The interior is fully lined in a lilac monogrammed jacquard fabric. I found the main handles just a little too short to carry the Bibi on the shoulder but this isn’t a major issue as the bag comes with a long detachable strap so it can be worn satchel style. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by how well the Bibi holds its shape, it’s not as structured as some of Modalu’s other bags like the Pippa so I was concerned it would sag if it wasn’t completely full but so far it’s held up beautifully. All in all I’m delighted with almost every aspect of the bag. The only thing I feel is lacking is a little more reinforcement in the base of the bag and perhaps some metal studs on the bottom to protect it from every day wear and tear. Aside from these very minor complaints I wouldn’t hesitate to unreservedly recommend this bag –or any of Modalu’s designs- to anyone who wants a high-quality, beautifully designed handbag for a reasonable price.


  1. What a lovely bag :) I really like its colour and its design. I think it's a great investment!

  2. Thank you! I was a little worried the colour wouldn't go with as much as my everyday black handbags but so far I've worn it with everything and it seems to work with so many outfits!


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