Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Perfume Collection Part 2: Accessories and Storage


In part 1 of this post I talked about my current perfume collection, I’m now going to explain how I store my perfumes and look at some accessories that you can buy to compliment your favourite fragrances.
I’ve seen a lot of people display their perfumes beautifully on vanities or dressing tables on glass trays, it’s only natural to want to show off gorgeous bottles but exposing fragrances to light or heat can lead to them deteriorating faster than they otherwise would. Keeping them cool and out of direct sunlight can really help to prolong their lifespan by a number of years.

I use a box that came with my Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume gift set, I lined the bottom with a couple of sheets of tissue paper and placed my perfume bottles carefully inside. I usually try to stand them upright to avoid spillages but where this isn’t possible with the larger bottles I just recline them slightly against the side. The box sits on a shelf in my wardrobe where I see it every time I open the door to get clothes out, not only does it look pretty but I know it’s helping to preserve my favourite perfumes. I usually expect them to last three to four years (although I’ve had some keep significantly longer!) stored like this. When a perfume starts to change colour or darken or just generally start to smell different I know it’s time to get rid of it. 

As perfumes vary in strength (a perfume is really a blend of fragrance oils with alcohol and/or water, the most concentrated version a ‘Parfum’ is usually between 15-25% perfume oil, an ‘Eau de Parfum’ or ‘EDP’ is 8-15% and an ‘Eau de Toilette’ is 4-10%) some will last longer than others on the skin. To help retain the fragrance I will sometimes use a matching body lotion then very lightly spritz the perfume on top, as they evaporate much faster from dry skin the moisture from the lotion slows this process down and helps the fragrance last all day.

I like to have a little of my fragrance with me but carrying a heavy glass bottle around is far from ideal though so I invested in a Travalo, the pocket-sized atomiser designed to be quick and easy to fill (through a valve in the bottom) and hold approximately 4ml of perfume, enough for 50 sprays. It’s a great idea… in theory however in practice I discovered it’s not compatible with all perfume bottles so I had to purchase an empty spray bottle to decant some of my fragrances into before transferring them to the Travalo.

My final perfume tip I use to keep my handbags smelling lovely and fresh when I store them. Spraying perfume directly onto leather or fabrics is never a good idea as it can stain them so instead I use the paper swatches found in department stores and chemists for trying out fragrances, I spray one a couple of times with perfume, let it dry for a second and pop it in my handbag before I store it away in its dust bag. The perfume leaves a subtle fragrance and stops the bag smelling musty. You can use exactly the same tip to keep drawers smelling sweet. 

Hope you enjoyed this mammoth double post, what are your favourite perfumes? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? 


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