Saturday, 11 August 2012

What's In My Bag?

I’ve seen quite a few ‘What’s In My Bag’ videos on YouTube and I always find them really interesting. While I was taking photos of my new Modalu Bibi for this post I decided it would be a good opportunity to reveal the contents of my own handbag (starting clockwise from left):

~ Make up   I rarely have time to touch up my makeup so I only carry the bare minimum with me. This is one of my favourite lip glosses, the now sadly discontinued, Benefit Her Glossiness in shade ‘My People, Your People’ along with my go-to concealer Rimmel Hide the Bleamish and my Travalo. This slim-line leather make up bag from Oasis is the perfect size for carrying my essentials.

~ Mirror   This neat compact mirror has a pretty enamel finish and matches my makeup bag.

~ First Aid Kit   I always carry emergency painkillers with me and a few differently sized Elastoplasts. This Gorgeous Feet Anti Blister stick from Boots is absolutely amazing, I just apply it to my feet anywhere shoes might rub and it prevents any irritation or soreness.

~ Tissues   Pocket tissues with a fun £20 note design for winter –or summer- colds.

~  Mini Wet Wipes   I love these berry scented wipes for hand and face, perfect for emergency clean ups.

~ Phone   My ancient LG Shine.

~ Hand Cream   This Soap & Glory Hand Food is incredibly moisturising and comes in this handy pocket-size.

~ Tic Tacs   The adult in me occasionally carries mints to freshen my breath but the child in me doesn’t really like mints so I usually have sweets like these delicious Strawberry Fields flavoured Tic Tacs in my handbag.

~ Keys   My keys with Mon-key fobs by Fred in a Cranford leather case that prevents them from scratching or damaging other things in my bag.

~ Lip Balm   I like to have a lip balm with me to keep my lips soft and moisturised. This luxury peppermint flavoured balm was hand made by my talented friend, it’s quickly become one of my favourite everyday products.    

~ Sony MP3 Player   I always carry my MP3 player stocked with music. My player also has a radio receiver for when I want to catch up with my favourite stations. 

~ Mini Torch   Yes, I actually carry a miniature torch with me! This was a jokey Christmas present but it’s actually incredibly useful for locating things in the bottom of my bag, plus it’s wind-up so it doesn’t need any fiddly batteries.  

~ Diary   I’m normally useless at keeping a diary, I start diligently enough writing all my appointments down at the start of the year but by the end of February my diary is usually languishing in a drawer forgotten. This year I’ve surprised myself by keeping it up to date this long. I’m trying to get into the habit of keeping it with me so I can write things down immediately.   

~ Notebook & Pen   Along with my diary I keep a notebook in my bag for jotting down notes, to-do lists and ideas for blog posts. This notebook gifted to me by a friend is perfect because it’s so compact and even has a pocket in the back for vouchers and receipts. The pen is my favourite Stainless Steel Parker Jotter.

~ Comb   I have really fine hair so I tend to use a comb rather than a brush. This basic tailcomb is all I need to smooth my hair throughout the day.

~ Purse   Lastly my poor overstuffed purse is crammed full to bursting with every bank, loyalty and points card I own!  I have been considering investing in a larger purse but I’ve yet to find a reasonably priced one I like more than this.

Well that’s it, all the junk I cart around with me every day. Hope you enjoyed reading this, if you decide to do your own version please comment and link it below!


  1. I love these type of posts! We pretty much have the same bag contents :) I've been thinking of doing a "what's in my bag" post for quite a while now, but for some reason I always seem to forget. I hope I'll manage to do a similar post really soon!

  2. Glad you liked it! I didn't realise quite how much stuff I carry around with me until I actually laid it all out! I look forward to reading yours if you have the chance to do one :)


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